Tony settled in great and seemed perfectly content to use us as both his playmates and his pillow. But we thought he should probably have a kitten friend anyhow. Because he was so little, we didn’t want to just head to the shelter and adopt an 8 or 10 week old kitten that was twice his size. Fortunately, ’tis the season of kittens, so we didn’t have to wait long before one popped up on the neighborhood facebook group that we thought we be a good match.

As it turned out, this new friend – found screaming by itself on a wood pile – couldn’t have been more than three weeks old. He was hungry and covered in fleas, but seemed sweet. Against our better judgment, we found ourselves on the way to the store for bottles and milk replacer and dawn dish soap so we could make a go at keeping this poor tiny thing alive.

So, at less than half the size of Tony, we cautiously introduce Jimmy – the tiniest thing we’ve ever brought home.