This spring certainly hasn’t gone the way we had planned out when we sat down with our show calendars in January! We’ve had a few cancellations that stung a little despite knowing it was for the best. Equine Affaire was certainly a disappointment. And one by one we’ve been crossing shows and clinics off our calendar. But without any shows in sight for the near future, we’ve really NOT been all that disappointed to have an excuse to stay home and take more time to train (in weather where we can still feel our toes!) and work hard.

And working hard we have been! George has been building strength all winter, and he’s really starting to figure out how to take a little more weight and engage behind. His trot has always been pretty lovely, but this week he offered up glimpses of a really AMAZING canter. Enzo, who generally looks amazing while sometimes tending to be a bit too reactive, has really found a new calm and chill attitude towards life this past month. In the last week, he’s walked on a long rein right on by the scary doors and corners, ignored noises that previously would have sent him flying to the rafters, and just generally been a pleasure. Sometimes it’s the little things that have the most profound impact! Callie, who has been slowly rehabbing a tendon injury over the last few months, has finally been cleared to begin something resembling real work, and she’s been happy as a clam, looking strong, and better than ever. Anna has been learning how to carry the double bridle, taking to it like the pro that she is, and also continuing to get better and better.

Although we’re still looking forward to getting back into the show ring, we’re truly quite content to stay home for a just a bit longer and enjoy that all of our horses are going GREAT right now, without any added pressure of deadlines or qualifying scores.