Time for our yearly visit from Kenny, equine dental technician extraordinaire! Kenny has been a horse dentist for around 20 years, and we’ve used him longer than any other professional who works with our horses.

We feel very fortunate that he’s willing to travel all the way from Illinois to work on our four little horses! Usually he spends about one day each month in mid-Michigan, and then swings by our place on his way home for the night. This time the vet he works with didn’t have any clients scheduled, so he added us to the end of a long day in South Bend. He truly did travel two and a half hours out of his way, just for us! A few laughs along with his skill made the late night out in the barn more than worth it.

It was baby Bling’s first float! Also Bling’s first time being sedated. Enzo had his wolf teeth removed and a small bit seat added so he’s ready to start work! Callie had a few small hooks removed, and Anna, who can’t stand shots, could not care less about power tools in her mouth while she’s wide-awake.