Six months to the day since Chris broke ground, the arena is COMPLETE!
Many thanks to ACTC Services for an outstanding job!

June 1 & 2

The final product…

May 30

A drag to start, and then the rails went up!

Letters are out – time to test it out for the first time!

May 29

There’s some finish grading left to do around the edges, but we finally got the all clear to use the arena!

The first hoofprints in the shiny new sand!

May 27

Base is finished and they’re starting to spread out the footing!

May 13

All laser graded and ready for final smoothing. And then….footing delivery!

May 8

Just ONE pile left to spread and our base is fully rough graded into place!

May 6

With construction opening back up, the base material was delivered!

April 3

One final load of pea gravel before the stay home orders went into effect, and the drain tiles are complete.

March 23-25

Sub-base all laser graded and the drain tiles are going in!

March 17-18

January 1-4

Rough graded before winter sets in, so everything can settle well with the weather changes.