Last weekend we all (humans and animals) thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the unseasonably warm weather. After a quick run to the feed mill, we spent most of the weekend enjoying the weather, riding, and generally putting off indoor activities. Given the temperature, it really wasn’t much of a surprise Saturday night when our favorite barn cat wasn’t home in time for dinner. Sunday even we spent a few extra minutes calling for her before shutting up the barn, but the weather was still mild and we weren’t too concerned. But when it turned back to chilly on Monday and she still hadn’t returned, we started to worry. By Tuesday, we allowed ourselves to admit the worst had most likely happened.

Although saddened by the loss of our furry friend, that left our remaining barn cat alone, and we realized the need to find him a friend. Wednesday we welcomed home two rescue cats who seemed like they’d fit in.

Thursday evening, in between playing with the new cats and getting some stalls cleaned, I finally succumbed to the need for more bedding, and went to unload the bales that were left in the truck over the weekend. And wouldn’t you know the second I dropped the tailgate – out jumped our missing cat.

She spent the next while eating and drinking and meeting her two new friends, but thankfully seems no worse for the wear.