It’s been more than two years since my hips felt up for taking lessons. Each run of good days I had last summer was quickly squashed by bad ones, and despite really WANTING to haul out to my trainer, it just never happened. This summer, things are finally feeling different! I also knew Amy wanted to get back to lessons after a winter so, so as a Mother’s Day surprise, I booked us both lessons with USDF Gold-medal trainer Sandy Tull. It was SO nice to be back, even if all my muscles were screaming after about ten minutes!

After so long without eyes on the ground, as well as all of my orthopedic issue and compensations, we worked a great deal on my position. We also worked on me really feeling when each of her front legs wasn’t holding her shoulders up enough, and getting her a bit more even and lighter in front. Amy and Callie also worked on their position, and not letting the horse change the rider. It was a very productive day, and we can’t wait to go back!