When the weather turns frozen, things always tend to revolve more on survival mode around the farm and some downtime for the horses, and a bit less on training and productivity. We knew heading into this winter that thought was going to be taken to the extreme, as the day after the fall Katie Hiller clinic, Jess had her first hip replacement. Thankfully the weather was mild, the boys were still at CanterWorks, and Amy carried on like usual. Four short weeks later, Jess had her other hip replaced, the boys came home as Katie and Laura headed to Florida for the winter, and temps plummeted to well below freezing. Survival mode activated.

By late February, Jess’s recovery was progressing and there was a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. And then a gust of wind shot down that tunnel, blew a blanket into an Enzo who was having his feet trimmed, he jumped forward and spun Amy around, she lost her balance and landed on outstretched arm, and completely shattered her wrist (and all plans for the rest of the winter and spring).

A freak accident that sums up life with horses well.

Jess managed to take over chores at a bare minimum level, Kristen was thankfully able to travel to us a few days a week to keep the boys in work, and then it was Amy’s turn for recovery! All in all, not the winter and spring we had wanted. While all the humans are on stall rest (and still looking at prize lists), here’s to a better and more productive summer!