We always learn so much when Nicole comes to visit, and today’s sessions were no exception!

Going well beyond a typical visit from the chiropractor or massage therapist, her Equine Sports Therapy sessions evaluate the movement patterns and musculature of the horse to find areas that need strengthening – and not surprisingly, Callie’s weak side matches Amy’s weak side, and Anna’s weak side matches Jessica’s! While Nicole’s session include soft tissue work and some adjustments as needed, we’re also left quite a bit of homework, including stretches, strengthening exercises, and work in the Equibands, specific and tailored to each horse’s needs.

We always see so much improvement in our horses after following Nicole’s program, and after she left MSU’s McPhail center for warmer weather in California, we were long overdue for a visit! We’re also super excited at the possibility of bringing Nicole back to Michiga on a bi-monthly basis, so if you’re interested in scheduling a session for your own horse, please contact us!