The AHR Spring Sale provided the perfect opportunity to take the truck and trailer out for a dry run, and see just how this camping thing was going to work for us, without having to deal with unloading horses and getting ready to show at the same time. It towed like a dream and we were ready to roll – before plugging in left us with no power. We checked the breakers on the power pole – all on. We moved to a new new spot where somebody else was already plugged in – still no power. We plugged an extensions cord directly into the air mattress – turned on and blew right up. SO, our main power cord needs some attention, but we were able to run extension cords through the door to get us working for the weekend. After that, everything went great and just as planned! With a keurig and an electric blanket we were ready to tackle the cold temps overnight. We did decide that the 19″ high mattress might be a touch to snug after all in our 3′ high gooseneck, so we’ll probably shop for a regular mattress as well.