After last week’s decision to forgo our trip to Buckeye and the need to tend to Callie’s foot, we found a local, one-day, dressage schooling show that allowed a late entry for Anna. Then with storms all week and terrible footing in between, I nearly cancelled our already late entry. Despite rain pouring down amid chilly temps on Saturday morning, we still managed to talk ourselves into haul, mostly thanks to a few extra shots of espresso.

Unlike the last show in the rain, rather than not canter, Anna preferred not to stop. Our first test largely resembled a runaway freight train, but we still managed a 59+% and a third place. We made progress in each test and our rides continued to improve throughout the morning, with the last test coming in at 62+% and a first place. We finished out the day with a first place in dressage equitation, and also earned the Training Level Open High Point Champion ribbon!

For a weekend that almost didn’t happen (twice), doing that well was such an incredible surprise! It wasn’t Buckeye, but it sure wasn’t bad…


Three dressage tests done, one more class to go!