What an amazing weekend! It’s hard to believe how much we crammed into four and a half days, but we did it!



Wednesday started dark and early, but loading was uneventful and we were to the coffee shop shortly after they opened!

Wednesday 1

After a bit of construction, and then some more construction, and then a few more orange barrels, this sign was a welcome sight!

Wednesday 2

A lovely welcome made finding stalls easy.

Wednesday 3

Bling says it’s exhausting being a show pony!

Wednesday 4

In no time we were all set up and ready to go!

Wednesday 5

Bling and Enzo peek above their stalls

Wednesday 6

With everybody all settled in, it was time to explore! We found the arena…it was HUGE!

Wednesday 7

The farm is incredible.

Wednesday 8

Not even the clouds look real!

Wednesday 9

Bling is still sleepy…

Wednesday 10

We decided to wake her up with a tour of the facility. She analyzed the flower arrangements very carefully.

Wednesday 11

Little pony, BIG arena!

Wednesday 12

Amy and Callie stretch their legs


Amy draws her dressage test


Thursday morning was up early for a dressage marathon! Amy and Callie worked through some tension to really improve by their last ride. All in all they had some very consistent tests and finished with two seventh places and a sixth place ribbon!

Thursday A T3 5

Thursday A T3 4

Thursday A T3 3

Thursday A T3 2

Thursday A Dressage T2

Thurs A T3 1

Anna wasn’t especially submissive either, but she still put in several solid rides throughout the day, earning two fourths and a fifth place at training level, and a second place at first level.

Thursday J T3 4

Thursday J T3 3

Thursday J T3 2

Thursday J T3 1

Thursday J F1 3

Thursday J F1 2

Thursday J F1 1

After dressage, we had to hurry and change for the 2 and Under In-Hand Trail class.

Enzo went first, but was disqualified for being attacked by flowers

Thursday Trail E

Bling rallied however, and in her first ever in-hand trail class, successfully navigated every obstacle and finished third in a very competitive group!

Thursday Trail Bling

Friday was a day free of classes, and a great opportunity to relax and get ready for the chaos of halter day. In the cooler morning air, we walked out to the road to get a better view of the welcome sign.

Friday 3

Baths all around…and Bling air dried a bit after her shower.

Friday 2

Bling also learned the finer details of being a show-pony, like begging for lunch (even if lunch happens to be Greek pasta salad!)


And then….it was halter day!

Saturday Enzo Halter

Saturday Enzo Halter 2

Saturday Enzo Halter 3

Autobahn of Genesis – National Champion Yearling/Two Year Old Gelding!

Saturday Enzo Halter 4

Saturday Enzo Halter 5

The girls didn’t place in the massive 6 and Over Mare class, but they sure cleaned up nicely!

Saturday Callie Halter

Saturday Anna Halter

Crystal of Excellence – 4th Place Yearling Filly

Saturday Bling Halter1

Saturday Bling Halter2

Saturday Bling Halter3

Saturday Bling Halter 4

Saturday Bling Halter 5

Saturday Bling Halter 6

Saturday Bling Halter 7

Anna prepares to take her second National Champion title, this time in Open Costume! The Cat in the Hat won’t come back after this one, and unfortunately the photographer lost all the pictures from this class – we were so excited to see the too!!

Saturday Costume

Thankfully a friend got this shot of us waiting to go in

costume class cropped

All in all, we pinned in 10 out of 15 classes entered. Not too shabby!! We have lots to go home and work on, and can’t wait for next year!

Saturday End